How to take care of your drones

Good drones cost you so much, which is why you should do anything in your power to maintain them and ensure they are in good condition to last longer.  Making the purchase is not something you can do every day so you want to ensure it is always in good condition. Some people may argue that they can always get the drone fixed, but it may cost you as much as you would spend to buy a new drone.  Maintaining takes a lot of work; there should be concentration on the batteries, camera, controller, propeller, motor and gimbals among other parts.

Here are some few ways you can take care of your drone

Always conduct a full checklist before the flights

A full check up is important to reduce any chances for foul play and crashes while you are flying the drone. Some may think it is unnecessary and tedious but it won’t take you long and will be worth it in the end.  Take not of everything you will need to check on before you start flying the drone. It does not need to be lengthy, just a two minute check to confirm that everything is ok. This is guaranteed to save your drone from accidents. Sometime, you find that the propellers are not attached to the right motors, which is a flight risk.

Taking good care of the batteries in your drone is important

Remember, the battery powers the drone. If the battery stops mid-flight you are guaranteed a crash and that may be the end of your drone. The other issue is the misuse of the battery which can pose a danger to some of the parts of the drone. Ensure you handle the batteries well.  Some of the tips to take care of the batteries include; flying when they are fully charged, removing them out of the drone when they are not in use and never wait until they are fully drained to charge them.

Store the drone well

When you are buying the drone, always consider the main and travel storage. Ensure you have a matching backpack for travelling around.  This will ensure its safety and minimal breakage when the drone is not in flight. If you are travelling in your own vehicle, a harder case will be better for your drone’s safety.

Don’t fly the drone in poor condition

Before you fly the drone, ensure the weather conditions are not harsh.  Flying a drone is highly dependent on the type of weather.  Use the drone’s manual to find out the recommended wind speed to fly the drone. Ensure you follow these recommendations to the latter for a safe flight.

Take good care of the motors and propellers

Ensure you take off the removable parts including the propellers and clean them off every time you are done flying. This will prevent any dirt from building up which can stop the drone midflight.  Propellers play a very important role of keeping the drone in the air. Ensure you clean them out and replace broken once to keep the drone from crashing.

Final word

Always ensure you check the software and keep it up to date before you fly the drone. Software is important to provide updates and fix any technical bugs with your drone. If not updates you won’t be able to fly the drone.